1-Publish your photo in the profile. This is your company's image. The picture should be of the owner or and employee wearing the uniform or next to the vehicle were the service will be provided. 

2-Choose the specific geographic area of coverage where your service will be provided. This will help you to only receive the requests that can be turned into sales. 

3-Add a clear and brief description of your service. Providing the information relevant to your services will help enhance your sales possibilities. 

4-Answer text messages quickly. The faster you respond to a request, the more opportunities you will have of turning it into a sale. 

5-Respond professionally.  Your professionalism adds value to your service. A professional approach from the first call will increase the client's satisfaction in your service. 

6- Add our phone number to your contacts. If possible, also assign a specific ringtone to these calls. This will help you immediately recognize it's a potential client.